MacOS Catalina Alfred出现相同的apps

今天更新完MacOS Catalina后,alfred运行应用程序时,同一个app出现在不同两个目录“/System/Volumes/Data/Applications” 和 “/Applications”


在 alfred中输入reload 即可。

MacOS Catalina – Why the apps in “/System/Volumes/Data/Applications” and “/Applications” are the same?

When I use MacOS Catalina (Public Beta) with Alfred 4, I find that all the Applications installed via Mac App Store or brew cask are duplicated in the candidate list.

Any application in the "/System/Volumes/Data/Applications" will be mirrored" in "/Applications".

Does it work as design?

Type reload into Alfred. This will refresh the app cache for any apps that may no longer exist in the old location. Reference: